Shipping, Return & Warranty


Shipping Information

We offer one type of shipping;

  • 1st Class Airmail
    • Free, Accelerated & Secure

When you purchase any of our products, free shipping with 1st Class Airmail is included. 1st Class Airmail is a faster method of shipping, which would expedite the delivery of your purchase free of charge. We believe that everyone should be able to get the product they want without worrying about shipping.

1st Class Airmail — $0 & takes 1 week

Return Policy

We have a simple return policy; return it to us and get a new one free of charge.

To further explain, when you want to return your product for replacement, first for all returns, please email us at with your proof of purchase (your E-receipt that was sent to your email), in the email, explain to us what is wrong and send a photo, please just one product per report. When we receive your product report we will make our analysis of your request, if it meets our criteria, we will ask you to mail it to Nepal and we will ship you a new product from Nepal free of charge with again our free shipping included. To meet our criteria, the product must be faulty in production or damaged by normal washing and wearing and returned to us within 5 years. We’ll have a record of your name, address and what you purchased.

IMPORTANT: you cannot return your product for a different size. We emphasize you choose the right size on our website, we give you all of the available resources in the Clothing Guide where you can find our products and their measurements. Remember your Wild Fibers garments are mostly woven with unbleached cotton and will shrink with washing and stretch with wearing so choose a comfortable fit, not a tight fit.

Returned items will be donated to the local needy across Nepal. All of our hemp and nettle carpet yarn cuttings, thread cuttings from our textile weaving and sewing scraps are recycled into our art papers.

Please return your product to us in Nepal by surface mail at this address:

Wild Fibers

Post Office Box 5741-140

Kathmandu, Nepal 10010

Warranty Information

We offer you a full coverage warranty with every product.

  • Lifetime Warranty for any manufacturing defect,
  • Limited 5-Year Warranty for washing and wearing.

Our Full Warranty gives you a sense of the quality and craftsmanship that goes into our products, now everyone can have a lifetime of pleasure wearing Wild Fibers.

Our Limited 5-Year Warranty guarantees your full satisfaction and enjoyment with normal use in washing and wearing our products for at least 5 years. Moreover, you may freely replace your worn-out product within 5 years of your purchase; however, your replacements will not be replaced when worn out a second time.