When comparing it to the chart always round up to the closest 1/2 inch size.


Waist width:

Use the tape measure and start from your natural waistline, which is above your belly button and bellow your rib cage (or where you would like your pants to sit). measure around around the natural waistline. Try not to suck in or push out your stomach, as it well alter the measurements.

Inseam length:

first take a pair of pants that fit you perfectly. use the tape measure and start from the crotch seam, and measure to the bottom of the leg. 

Neck Size:

use the tape measure and start from right above your collar bone, and measure around the neck. Don't forget to add 1 finger between the tape and your neck for the collar to be perfect, or simply measure and add 1/4 inches.

Sleeve Length:

first bend your elbow and place it on your hip. use the tape measure and start at the center back of your neck, and measure across your shoulder to your elbow and down to your wrist (or where you would prefer the cuffs to be). Ask a friend for help.

Chest Width:

Use the tape measure and start from under your armpits, and measure it around the widest part of your breasts. Always stand straight, try not to stick your chest out or exhale.